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Author Guidelines

Dear colleagues!

Please, consider the following requirements for manuscripts and the order of their submission:

  1. All manuscripts have to be submitted in Ukrainian, Russian, English, no more than 0,5–1 author’s sheet.
  2. Manuscript is to include the following information:
  • surname, first name, second name of the author, scientific degree, academic title, position written in Ukrainian and English;
  • headline of the article in Ukrainian and English (3–5 lines);
  • UDC;
  • annotation in Ukrainian and English (3–5 lines);
  • key words (4–5 words) in Ukrainian and English;
  • main text of the article;
  • list of sources used.
  1. The main text of the article is to include the following elements:

Problem formulation (problem statement in general view and its correlation with the main scientific and practical tasks).

Analysis of recent researches and publications (in which the solution to this problem is stated and the author bases on these researches, the author points out some parts of the general problem not settled earlier).

Purpose of the article.

Main material.

Conclusions and further researches directions.

List of sources used.

The elements mentioned above are to be written in bold

  1. The article is to be in printed using Microsoft Word.

All margins 20 mm; Font: Times New Roman; Size: 14; Spacing 1.5.

Pictures are to be submitted in separate files which can be rendered.

Referring to the literature is given in the text itself: the listed item of the used source is given in square brackets then goes comma and the page number.

  1. The author is to submit:
  • the printed version of the article signed by the author;
  • the electronic copy of the article;
  • the authenticated review of the Doctor of Sciences or the Candidate of Sciences (except cases when the author has the scientific degree of the Doctor of Sciences);
  • the information about the author (surname, first name, second name, organization, position, address, scientific degree, academic title, contact telephone, e-mail).

The reprint of the materials only on the written permission of the editorial board.

Materials published present the author’s viewpoint which can’t coincide with the viewpoint of the editorial board. The author takes the responsibility for all facts, statistical data and other information.

The editorial board reserves the right to edit articles to ensure their conformity with the scientific and literary style without asking the author’s permission. The correspondence with the readers is only on the journal’s pages.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.