• N. V. Khalipova Associate Professor, PhD. tehn. Sciences University of Customs and Finance, Ukraine, Dnіpro,
  • I. Yu. Lesnikova Associate Professor, PhD. tehn. Sciences University of Customs and Finance, Ukraine, Dnіpro,
  • N. A. Israfilova Student University of Customs and Finance, Ukraine, Dnіpro


Analysis of transport-logistical processes of the enterprise at the present
stage showed uneven condition and certain disproportions in their development.
Was discovered that the problem is complex and one of the important drawbacks
is the inefficient allocation and use of the existing transportation f leet. It is
established that for the development of an industrial enterprise an important
aspect is the organization of efficient transport and logistics processes, the
planning of which should use the general principles, such as full satisfaction of
enterprise structural units transport needs, efficient use of technical means and
different types of resources, consideration of work of all types of transport in complex. 

he analysis shows that when planning the work of transport, the most
difficult area is operational planning, whose functions are to establish agreed
volumes of transport work and their units in the near future, routing of
transportation, organization and coordinated work of transport and structural
units of the enterprise. Continuous production at the enterprise requires constant
prompt updating of existing solutions for transport and logistics support and
warehouse solutions.
To solve the problem of given production situation, it is proposed to use a
multi-stage algorithm, which includes a sequential tasks solution: linear
programming with limitations on the resources of the enterprise; the transport
task and the task of the shortest distance from suppliers to warehouses for
transportation of specified volumes of raw materials with the least cost; further
formulation of conclusions and recommendations regarding the solution
improvement and making the final decision. Microsoft Excel „Solution Finder‟
plugin was used to solve our optimization tasks.
On the example of PrJSC Metinvest holding, an analysis of the existing
transport and logistics support was carried out and the optimal raw material
supply schemes were determined to ensure the operation of the resin-processing
manufactory department. For continuous operation of the resin-processing
department, it is necessary to have appropriate capacities for raw materials
storaging. Based on the analysis of optimal raw material delivery schemes to
support manufactoring, storage tanks capacity and the optimal delivery schedules
for coal tar have been identified.
The results of the study indicate the need for continuous prompt updating of
existing solutions and can be used to improve the transport and logistics
component of industrial enterprise processes.



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